Find 3D assets by picture in seconds

AI-powered tool for searching assets by picture across 3D stock marketplaces.
Amazingly fast. Completely visual. Artist friendly.

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Scout saves production teams
over 10 million hours every single year

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Search assets by picture

Transform the search process into a completely visual approach and artist-friendly experience.

Recreate picture in 3D

Easily discover assets needed to assemble picture in 3D using Scout's built-in Computer Vision and AI object detection features.

Discover free assets

Free assets are just one click away. Switch between free or paid assets.

Open asset web page instantly

No more hassling, struggling and googling. Find asset you are looking for and jump to the asset page with a click.

Explore stocks in one place

Scout AI-powered search engine allows you to search across supported stock marketplaces in one click

Explore stocks in one place

Scout AI-powered search engine allows you to search across supported stock marketplaces in one click

Feedback Zone

A dedicated space for honest reviews from our valued customers

"It seems to be the fastest way of searching models"
Poberd TC
AR Engineer
"Scout is a game-changer for game developers. It expedites the search for 3D models, allowing us to focus more on the creative aspects of game development."
Liam Carter
Game Developer
"Scout has transformed the way I approach architectural visualization. It's a must-have for any architect looking to enhance project quality."
Jessica Nguyen
Interior Architect
"Scout is an exciting innovation that will surely revolutionize the field. The ability to easily access and utilize a wide range of assets will enhance the quality and efficiency of architectural visualization projects."
Matheus Silva
CAD Engineer
"Scout has become my secret weapon for creating stunning architectural visualizations. It simplifies the search for 3D models, elevating the quality of my designs."
Sophia Khan
Architectural Visualizer
"Such a powerful tool will give us a step beyond of the competitors. Reducing the time of searching the proper models will give us a boost in our business"
Stelios Tsaparas
Architecture visualizer
"On my work I do renders with some models that are so difficult to search like bajareque or mud jars and Scout makes my life easier here"
Gerardo Gozzi
Motion Designer
"Scout simplifies the often tedious process of finding architectural elements. It's a must-have tool for any architectural renderer looking to save time."
Maya Singh
Architectural Renderer
"Scout transformed my interior design workflow. Now, sourcing the ideal 3D models is quick and efficient, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects of my projects."
Leo Rodriguez
Interior Designer
"Game development demands precision, and Scout delivers. It's a time-efficient solution for game environment artists seeking high-quality 3D assets."
Sarah Reynolds
Game Environment Artist
"Scout saves me a lot of time in my work. I am a 3d artist and my job consists of creating 3D images with other designers. For this we regularly need 3D based on photos taken from the internet and sometimes it takes a long time to be able to find a 3D that corresponds."
Romain Herluison
3D Artist

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Asset Library Reimagined

Next generation Digital Asset Management system
for digital content creators
Powered by AI

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Find any asset in a click

Srtucturize and categorize all your media and 3D assets in one powerful system and get immediate access to any asset with our lightning-fast search and AI Tagging system.

Inside your favorite DCC

With our precise built desktop app and beautiful DCC software integrations all your assets are available right inside your favorite DCC app. Explore One-Click import and one click export.

AI-powered batch import

Say goodbye to manual uploads with our signature Scan & Import App. We also provide One-Click import right inside your DCC software. Your assets are always ready.

Automatic preview generation

Previews generates automatically during files importing process. Even for 3D models and Pro Media formats such as HAP, DXV3, Image sequences and more.

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Asset count limitations

Please note, that due to technical reasons we are unable to index asset libraries that contain less that 10 000 assets. ​

If you have any technical questions, drop us a line at support@asseter.ai

Thank you!

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