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Become a member of Beta Testing program.
We are happy to announce that the Early Access Program is open for selected clients.
If you want to apply, please, fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly.
Currently, we are looking for partnerships with studios and productions around the World that are open enough to collaborate with us directly and provide feedback and feature requests.
Please note that only Asseter local installation is available for the Early Access Program, so we expect that if you apply, you have sufficient infrastructure and can install Asseter on the dedicated server inside your local environment.

If you have any technical questions, drop us a line at support@asseter.ai

Thank you!

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We are in Private Beta now, testing everything and developing additional important features.
Please, fill the form, and we'll let you know, when the Public Beta will be available for everyone.
If you would like to participate in the Beta Program, get early access to the product and share feedback, please enable the corresponding checkbox.
We can't wait to share Asseter with you and doing our best to bring this moment closer.

Thank you!

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