Asseter Assistant

The ultimate tool to get you up and running as soon as possible

When creating Assets Library, transferring and structurizing assets from your Library folder may be panful.
There is no way to automate it all and exclude human participation in importing process, but we can make it as easy as possible.
Asseter Assistant provides functionality to make onboarding process as smooth as possible.

Step One

Log in to your Asseter Assistant app and drop a folders containing your assets to run initial scan.
Enter Assassin server address
Log into your account
Specify folders you want to scan
Sit back and relax

Step Two

Review Asseter Assistant scan results, select assets to import and batch add additional tags and categorization.
Icons and Rows views, playable previews and powerful filtering provided.
Then press Import button.
Scan results. Rows view.
Scan results. Icons view.

Step Three

Well, there is no Step Three.

It's that simple!

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