March 2024 Update

Version 1.4.0 (latest)

Asseter Cloud

Asseter is now available as a cloud-based solution, providing seamless access to your assets from anywhere, at any time.
Enjoy the convenience of storing and managing your assets securely in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure.

Asseter Assistant

Introducing Asseter Assistant, your trusted companion for syncing assets between the cloud and your local machine.
With Asseter Assistant, effortlessly synchronize your assets, ensuring you always have the latest versions at your fingertips.

Synced file accessibility

Gain the ability to open synced files directly in Explorer, simplifying your workflow and saving valuable time.
Seamlessly navigate through your synced assets using Explorer, providing a familiar and intuitive experience.

January 2023 Update

Version 1.3.0

Automated assets categorization and description generation

When uploading an asset, automated asset type, category and subcategory is suggested, as well as automated description generation.
This feature eases asset typization, categorization and metadata filling.

Search assets by dominant color

When uploading an asset, previews are analyzed and dominant coloк is detected.

This feature allows user to search asset by dominant color in preview, using color picker in the search bar.

Search assets by picture and Picture Assembler

This feature allows users to search assets in the library by picture. In the Search by Picture the most similar assets to picture will be displayed. This mode ideal for searching some specific asset or object.

In the Picture Assembler mode individual objects on the picture will be detected, and assets, that picture could be assembled from will be displayed. Ideal for recreating a reference or a style frame from art director.

Search similar assets

This feature allows users to select Search Similar in context menu on any asset, and immediately similar assets from the library will be displayed.

Ideal for searching for asset variations across your asset library.

Activity tab

The new Activity tab in the Asset View allows users to track all interactions with particular asset.

Great for quickly finding out what happened with this asset in the past.

Expandable panes

Expandable panes in the ASset View let users to use space in small screens more efficiently.

Users can switch focus and display things that are more important at the present moment.

User expiration date

This feature allows admins to create temporary user accounts, that will be deactivated at the specific date

Ideal for adding freelancers and other temporary employees to the system

Project list management

With this feature administrators can manage projects lists that is the data source for the Project attribute. Projects could be custom created or imported from an ftrack

Admins also can view assets that belong to the selected project

Personal user statistics

With this feature every Asseter user can find out his personal achievements in the system as well as his rating in the top uploaders hit-parade.

Activity by user report

This report in the Statistics Engine explores insights about user's behavior in the system.

Built -in sorting and filtering allows supervisors gain detailed information about uploaders, downloaders and other user's actions in the system

Hall of Fame report

This report shows top 5 uploading users in the system

Adds some gamification and achievements into the system to stimulate users upload assets to the system more often

New Table View and batch asset editing tool

This powerful mode allows supervisors to perform batch operations on the assets

In the Table View users can batch edit any asset metadata, regenerate AI tags, re-categorize assets as well as sort and filter assets by different parameters and metadata

Customizable and shareable asset lists

With this powerful feature each user can add any asset to the custom asset lists for future reuse. User can create unlimited amount of lists, for example, when searching assets for specific project

Each list could be shared with other users or user groups. Shared list appears at the collaborator's account under "Shared with me" list group

Assets Scout - AI-powered tool for searching assets across 3D stock marketplaces

Scout by Asseter.ai is a AI-powered tool for searching 3D assets by picture across 3D stock marketplaces.

In Search asset by picture mode Scout searches for an assets that are look like the given image.

In Picture Assembler mode Scout detects individual objects, shaders and textures on a complex image with loads of details and searches for the assets the given picture could be assembled from.

Scout is available right on the Asseter left navigation panel

CTRL / CMD + V support for asset preview images

With this feature uploading users can easily add preview images by pressing CTRL/CMD + V shortcut

SHIFT + RIGHT / LEFT shortcut for asset preview types switch

With this feature users can easily switch preview types when viewing an asset by pressing SHIFT+Right/Left arrow

July 2022 Update

Version 1.2.0

Custom asset attributes

Administrators are now able to set up custom assets attributes.

This feature lets you create your own assets metadata taxonomy individually for different asset types. You are now able to create Boolean, Number, String, Date and Select / Multiselect data types and assign it to Asset Types.

Select and Multiselect attributes could be populated with custom Data Sources, which you can create by yourself or by using data model, already existing in the system.

Possibility to populate Data Sources with the data pulled from an external service, database or integration will be added in future releases.

User groups and permissions management

Administrators are now able to set up user groups and manage access to asset types, categories, sub-categories and individual assets.

This feature lets you create different access levels for assets to create individual asset types for different departments and user groups.

Activity report in Statistics Engine

Report in Statistics Engine which shows overall users activity in the system.

This report brings clarity in all assets usage and actions, showing extensive information about who is doing what in the system.
Perfect for usage analysis.

New ROI (Return of Investment) Calculator report in Statistics Engine

ROI Calculator Report lets you see your Return of Investment in realtime

Report tracks all the assets usage in the system.
You can specify average salary across company and alleged time saved by using an asset from the system as opposed to finding it in your "Library" folder or googling asset in the Internet or recreating it from scratch because it has been lost for some reason.

The report calculates total amount of time spent by all users enabled in the system and presents you the total amount of funds you have saved already by using Asseter.

Brand new Admin panel

Asseter Admin panel has been completely rewritten to make room for the exciting new features that are about to come.

Settings are now assembled in groups dedicated to each logical part of the system.

Improved filtering

Filtering sidebar is now supports new filters by asset creator, creation date and custom attributes.

This new powerful filtering system brings flexibility in narrowing search results when dealing with significant number of assets.

April 2022 Update

Version 1.1.0

Collapsible hierarchy

Hierarchy sidebar is now collapsible.

This feature lets you to use screen space more effective. Sidebar could be easily pinned when you need it open.
Specially for small-screen users.

New filtering controls

Filtering controls moved to the Right Sidebar which is also collapsible and pinable.
This improvements lets us to add some exciting new features to filters.

User Profile

Now all user settings including Profile Photo and some personal settings are easily manageable right from bottom-left corner.

Statistics Engine

Power users, Supervisors, and Admins can easily get insight about what is happening in the system.

Including uploaders and downloaders rating, popular and empty search requests, and even Return Of Investment (ROI) calculator so you can see, hom much money you save right now just using Asseter

Assets Upload and Editing interface

Asset upload and Editing interface was completely rewritten.

A lot of early-stage bugs has been fixed.
Files uploading pipeline work faster now, previews generates automatically.

Neural Engine

The first version of Neural Engine introduced.

Artificial Intelligence technology is used for asset auto-tagging.
AI tags needs to be validated by human, and human selected tags are added to the main tags set.

Machine Learning is taking its place in easing human's work, and we will push it even further in our next releases.

Table View and Batch Edit

The new Table View and Batch Edit feature allows you to batch edit metadata for multiple assets..

Batch edit tags, asset types, categories, subcategories and other metadata parameters such as Compatible Software of project binding.
Preview pop-ups allow you lighting-fast see what's in there, slidable previews are also available.

Ability to switch to next / previous asset in Asset View

This new feature allows you to flip assets back and forth when Asset View pop-up is open.

There is no need to close Asset View pop-up to see another asset. Asset switch available with side arrows and with the shortcut CTRL + ►

Asseter Python API (alpha)

Alpha version of Asseter Python API released.

Python API is essential for writing custom Asseter extensions, integrations and bindings.
API allows power users and developers to manipulate assets via python code.
Excited about having Asseter right inside your DCC?