Collapsible hierarchy

Hierarchy sidebar is now collapsible.

This feature lets you to use screen space more effective. Sidebar could be easily pinned when you need it open.
Specially for small-screen users.

New filtering controls

Filtering controls moved to the Right Sidebar which is also collapsible and pinable.

This improvements lets us to add some exciting new features to filters.

User profile

User profile added.

Now all user settings including Profile Photo and some personal settings are easily manageable right from bottom-left corner.
Statistics Engine added.

Power users, Supervisors, and Admins can easily get insight about what is happening in the system.

Including uploaders and downloaders rating, popular and empty search requests, and умут Return Of Investment (ROI) calculator so you can see, hom much money you save right mow just using Asseter
Asset Adding and Editing interface was completely rewritten.

A lot of early-stage bugs has been fixed.

Files uploading pipeline work faster now, previews generates automatically.
The first version of Neural Engine introduced.

Artificial Intelligence technology is used for asset auto-tagging.
AI tags needs to be validated by human, and human selected tags adds to the main tags set.

Machine Learning is taking its place in easing human's work, and we will push it even further in our next releases.